Nonprofit Facts of Life that Nobody Told Me . . .

There’s a lot you need to know when you’re a Nonprofit Leader – a lot that may not have occurred to you when you agreed to follow your passion and make an impact with your favorite Nonprofit! There are both Fun Facts and No-So-Fun Facts.

Today’s Fun Fact:

80% of Nonprofits utilize mutual funds, and organizations with less than $25 million were just as likely as those with more than $100 million to utilized mutual funds – dispelling the notion that mutual funds are oriented towards smaller, retail investors.

That’s one of the findings of the “2018 Endowment and Foundation Survey,” by CAPTRUST, an investment advisory firm headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Of the 150 survey respondents, 72% had investable assets of less than $50 million, and nearly 46% represented public nonprofits. (See page 35.)

Unlike individual stocks or bonds, a mutual fund is a professionally managed investment portfolio — a basket of investments — that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. Typically mutual fund investors seek to reduce risk through greater diversification and potentially lower costs than they would incur in purchasing individual securities.  

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