Fiduciary Excellence Leads to Trust. Trust Leads to Enhanced Donor Confidence and Board Engagement that Leads to Increased Donations, Financial Security, and Mission Success.

“For nonprofits . . . reputation is everything.” (MIT Sloan Management Review 2014, “How Nonprofit Organizations Use Reputational Risk Management.”)

Yet, a June 2019 Gallup and Wellcome Trust study finds that in the US, only 60% of respondents said they trust charities – and a whopping 27% said they don’t.

“Only about half (47%) of nonprofit directors believe that their fellow board members understand their obligations as directors well or very well.” (Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2015 Survey of Boards of Directors of Nonprofit Organizations.)

Many trustees, board members, investment committee members and other nonprofit leaders are unaware of their fiduciary responsibilities. In many instances they simply haven’t been told or had things explained to them in a clear, straightforward manner that is relevant to them.

Fiduciary Essentials for Nonprofit Leaders is a practical half-day training program designed to help you:

  • Inform and better engage your Board
  • Understand your roles as a Nonprofit Investment Fiduciary
  • Select and work with qualified advisors and service providers
  • Reduce and manage your risks and personal liability
  • Systematically earn and increase donor trust to attract more donors and gifts.

In other words, it’s about building a culture of fiduciary excellence dedicated to helping you achieve your mission.

Engaging and sustaining enthusiastic donors is one of the greatest challenges nonprofit leaders face daily. While your existing and prospective donors share your passion to achieve your mission, they may not say it out loud but they are likely asking themselves:

  • How can I be confident that you’ll effectively and prudently manage my hard-earned donations?
  • Can I really trust you to do the right thing?
  • I don’t want to be associated with waste, failure, scandal or bad press.
  • I want to be part of the best.

Fiduciary Essentials for Nonprofit Leaders is an easy and effective way to help board members and decision-makers at foundations and endowments learn what they need to know, for what they’re legally accountable, and how to answer these donor questions before they are asked. Our experienced team of fiduciaries is dedicated to helping you and your nonprofit:

  • Increase fundraising results
  • Have a more focused and engaged board
  • Manage reputational risk
  • Enhance donor trust and confidence
  • Be recognized as the best.

Looking to Empower your Nonprofit Leaders?

Fiduciary Essentials is the first step. Please contact us to learn more.

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