Allan Henriques Fiduciary Consultants, the organization dedicated to delivering fiduciary excellence for nonprofits and foundations, showed excellent insight during their recent webinar “An Overview of Fiduciary Essentials for Nonprofit Leaders.”

“Each board member is personally—and financially—responsible for the management of a nonprofit’s assets.”

Presented by Allan Henriques and Kathleen McBride, the ten-minute webinar, followed by Q&A, shows the vital importance and direct benefits of Nonprofit Board Members understanding their fiduciary responsibilities. In fact, each board member is personally—and financially—responsible for the management of a nonprofit’s assets. Knowing one’s fiduciary role leads to trust. Trust leads to enhanced donor confidence and board member engagement, resulting in increased donations, financial security, and mission success.

3 Things Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know

  1. Board members and executive officers are fiduciaries. They are personally liable if the Nonprofits’ assets are not managed prudently. 
  2. You can hire prudent experts to manage the assets and take on some fiduciary liability.
  3. Certified fiduciaries will provide you with written acknowledgment of their fiduciary status and responsibilities.

Looking to Empower your Nonprofit Leaders? “Fiduciary Essentials” is the First Step.

Allan Henriques Fiduciary Consultants will be hosting “Fiduciary Essentials” trainings in the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area this fall.   Exact dates and locations are TBA. This workshop is also available for your organization at your offices.

In this half-day workshop, nonprofit leaders will learn how to:

  • Attract more donors, gifts, and board members
  • Mitigate reputational risk 
  • Reduce personal and institutional liability 
  • Learn how investment returns from gifts are maximized via prudent processes.

Watch the informative webinar here.

We encourage you to learn more about “Fiduciary Essentials for Nonprofit Leaders.” Please contact Allan Henriques or Kathleen McBride for questions.

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