Consultation and Fiduciary Assessments

Allan Henriques

Our experienced fiduciaries and CEFEX Analysts help expedite implementation of the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence for nonprofits and endowments, whether it be special projects or seeking CEFEX Certification.

Project Consultations:

Customized to meet your specific needs, projects include:

  • Working with your organization to “get started on being a fiduciary”
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Management for vetting or reviewing service providers
  • Assistance in developing policies and procedures regarding:
    • Investment policy
    • Conflicts of interest and purchasing
    • Cybersecurity, confidentiality and disaster recovery
    • Whistleblower protections
    • Human resources and compensation
    • Executive succession plans
    • Board recruitment and review

Fiduciary Gap Analysis:

Our CEFEX Analyst provides a high-level overview detailing how your organization conforms to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence. Nonprofit leaders use it to help identify and set priorities for fiduciary processes to be addressed, and in some instances, as a preview and preparation for a full CEFEX Assessment for Certification. The written report summarizes your fiduciary practices as well as nonconformities and opportunities to improve. An investment portfolio monitoring report, fee and expense report and Registered Opinion Letter from CEFEX are also included.



CEFEX Assessment of Fiduciary Excellence (CAFE):

Our experienced fiduciaries and CEFEX Analysts help expedite implementation of the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence for nonprofits and endowments, whether it be for special projects or for those seeking CEFEX certification. It provides an extensively detailed and comprehensive fiduciary analysis. Successful organizations obtain CEFEX certification, the gold standard of fiduciary excellence. CEFEX-certified nonprofits and endowments undergo annual assessments for recertification to assure the public that they consistently engage the best fiduciary practices. This independent verification of fiduciary excellence helps nonprofits and endowments demonstrate their ongoing trustworthiness to existing and prospective donors, the press and the public. 

Remediation and Brand Building:

If nonconformities or opportunities for improvement are identified, nonprofit leaders may engage a CEFEX Analyst to help them improve and implement Prudent Practices. Once those Prudent Practices have been implemented, the nonprofit is well positioned for CEFEX certification.




Allan Henriques

Industry Accolades:


Allan Henriques offers the highest level of fiduciary standards in our industry. His unique combination of legal and financial expertise gives him a keen understanding on how to best counsel nonprofits and foundations to protect their assets.

Blaine Aikin, Executive Chairman for CEFEX and Fi360

100% of our Board of Directors and almost 100% of our staff team have the FEFE designation.  The training has been a game changer for our organization!  Our Board is much more engaged and focused, our team is consistent in applying fiduciary best practices, and our assets have increased by 20% in one year. Our donor-clients satisfaction has never been higher! We strongly recommend this program.

Vanessa Bechtel, President & CEO, Ventura County Community Foundation / VCCF Nonprofit Center

Allan has helped us easily integrate Best Fiduciary Practices throughout our investment portfolios and employee retirement plans. His expertise gave us the ability to reestablish and protect the best interest of our tribal members.

Patricia Mercier, CFO, Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians

Allan Henriques

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